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A glass slide representing Hell's Highway. An RKO chain gang picture that was released shortly before I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang. Dix is great as a tough con bucking the system.

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Cimarron - Best Actor Nomination

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Born: July 18, 1893 St. Paul, Minnesota
Died: September 20, 1949 Los Angeles, California
(heart attack)
Real Name: Ernest Carlton Brimmer

Nickname: "The Jaw"
Film Debut: One Of Many (1917) Metro
Starred in 97 Features between 1921 and 1947
1931 Best Actor Oscar Nomination as Yancey Cravat in Cimarron.

Richard Dix was one of the few actors to make the successful transition from silent pictures to sound. He worked for every major studio, most notably for Paramount in the 1920's and RKO in the 1930's.

Remembered mostly for his cowboy roles, Dix was a diverse actor, starring in comedies, dramas, mysteries and historical epics.

Aside from Cimarron, he is probably best know for his role as the maniacal Captain Stone in Val Lewton's The Ghost Ship. It was his last picture for RKO.

Richard Dix hit his peak in 1931 when he was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of Yancey Cravat in Cimarron. He retired in 1947, due to poor health, finishing his career at Columbia Studios. While there he made 7 films based on the popular radio series, The Whistler.

Sadly 31 of Dix's silent films are lost and many of the remaning ones are incomplete.

Lobby Card Set for "The Ghost Ship" (1943) RKO 69 minutes Starring - Richard Dix, Russel Wade, Edith Barrett, Ben Bard, Lawrence Tierney, Edmund Glover & Skelton Knaggs --- Directed by Mark Robson --- Produced by Val Lewton

Richard and his second wife, Virginia Webster, had three children.

Twin boys named Richard, Jr. and Robert and a daughter, Sara Sue.

Richard, Jr. died in 1953, at the age of 18, in a tragic logging accident.

Robert, was a contract player for MGM in the 1950's and starred in a number of films for Al Adamson during the '60's. Some of Bob's more notable films are Young Jesse James, Forbidden Planet and Live and Let Die. He is currently developing a plan to assist the Native American Indian Community in bringing their stories to the World market via television and motion pictures!

Richard's little girl, Sara Sue, whom he affectionately called "Punkin'', lives in California and manages the Dix family estate. She devotes much of her time caring for her loving mom, now in her nineties!

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