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The Whistler
Released: March 30, 1944
59 Minutes

Directed by
William Castle

Screenplay by
Eric Taylor

Story by
J. Donald Wilson

Richard Dix .... Earl Conrad
Gloria Stuart .... Alice Walker
J. Carrol Naish .... The Killer
Robert E. Keane .... Charles McNear
Alan Dinehart .... Gorman
Cy Kendall .... The Bartender
William 'Billy' Benedict .... The Deafmute
Otto Forrest .... The Whistler
Don Costello .... Lefty Vigran
Charles Coleman .... Jennings, the butler
George Lloyd .... Bill Tomley
Joan Woodbury .... Antoinette 'Toni' Vigran
Byron Foulger .... Flop-house Desk Clerk
Trevor Bardette .... The Bum in the Next Bed
Robert Homans .... Dock Watchman

Suggested by the
Columbia Broadcasting System Program
"The Whistler"

Director of Photography
James S. Brown

Produced by
Rudolph C. Flothow

One Sheet

Title Lobby Card
The Whistler
Richard Dix, successful business man, goes to a waterfront bar to give Don Costello a large sum to have himself killed. He cannot stand the silent accusations of the whole world that he let his wife drown in a shipwreck while he saved many others. Costello splits the cash, and gives a deaf mute the envelope with the money for the killer, J. Carrol Naish. As Costello leaves the bar, he is killed by the police.

A killer is caught in a blind alley!
Dix's secretary, Gloria Stuart, in love with him, is worried that something is wrong but Dix remains silent. Naish decides to try an experiment by killing Dix through fear. He gives him every opportunity to see him wherever he goes until Dix begins to get the jitters.

A telegram arrives from the Red Cross informing Dix that his wife is a prisoner of the Japanese and that she is still alive. Hearing this, he tries to find Don Costello to tell him to call Naish off the job. He goes to the bar to locate Costello but is met with a cold shoulder from the bartender. A beautiful blonde, Joan Woodbury, claims she knows where Costello is and offers to drive him there. Dix accepts. She turns out to be Costello's wife and plans to drive the car off the road to kill them both. After being chased by the cops Woodbury loses control of the car as it goes around a curve and down a hill. Woodbury is killed but Dix escapes.

Dix avoids his home, his office, and his friends until everyone thinks that he has amnesia. He attempts to hide out in a flop-house but the papers have put his picture on the front page. The bum in the next bed tips him off that he's been spotted by the desk clerk. They take off to a secret spot that the bum knows about and there he makes an attempt on Dix's life. Dix makes his getaway and, nearing a complete collapse, goes back to the waterfront where he tries to hop a freighter. There he is picked up by the police.

Naish, seeing his victim will be out of his reach, attempts to shoot him through a window but he is killed by the police. When Gloria Stuart arrives, she brings another telegram stating that his wife has died in the internment camp. Hope springs eternal that they will be able to start life anew.
"Somebody is trying to kill me!"
A stealthy visitor
watches from the porch!
"I've got a gun...
and I mean business!"
"I want a bed for the night!"
"Stop you fool!
I'll give you the money!"
"We've caught up with you - at last!"

Australian Daybill
US Insert

'A' Style Half Sheet

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