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Window Card
Souls For Sale
Released: March 27, 1923
9 Reels

Directed by
Rupert Hughes

Screenplay by
Rupert Hughes

Based on the novel by
Rupert Hughes

Eleanor Boardman .... Remember Steddon
Mae Busch .... Robina Teele
Barbara La Marr .... Leva Lemaire
Richard Dix .... Frank Claymore
Frank Mayo .... Tom Holby
Lew Cody .... Owen Scudder
Hobart Bosworth .... Celebrity
Arthur Hoyt .... Jimmy Leland
David Imboden .... Caxton
Roy Atwell .... Arthur Tirrey
William Orlamond .... Lord Fryingham
Forrest Robinson .... Reverend John Steddon
Edith Yorke .... Mrs. Steddon
Dale Fuller .... Abigail Tweedy
Snitz Edwards .... Hank Kale
Jack Richardson .... Movie Heavy
Aileen Pringle .... Lady Jane
Eve Southern .... Velma Slade
May Milloy .... Mrs. Sturges
Sylvia Ashton .... Mrs. Kale
Zasu Pitts .... Celebrity
Fred Kelsey .... Quinn
Jed Prouty .... Magnus
Yale Boss .... Prop Man

John J. Mescall

Title Lobby Card
Souls For Sale
The leap for freedom from the fast express.
While crossing the desert on a westbound express Remember Steddon, a small-town girl, realizes that the man she married after a brief courtship is not the man she thought him to be and in a desperate determination to be free she decends from the train when it comes to a halt at a water tank.

Her plight in the desert is a serious one and she is on the point of exhaustion when she stumbles into a troupe of motion picture players making scenes a play. Then and there it is decided that she shall be an actress, the leading man and director both agree to that and she is made an extra.

The face of Owen Scudder appeared at the window.
Remember does not return to Hollywood with the company but later goes there tries to get a job in various studios where she sees the famous stars. In desperation she applies to Frank Claymore (RICHARD DIX), the director who helped her.

Claymore gives her a screen test for comedy but she fails. He then tries her in emotional work and she makes good, making a meteoric rise to stardom.

Just when she can enjoy the fulsome happiness of her succes, the husband, who is a crook and murders his wives for their insurance, reappears to threaten her with lots of detrimental publicity should she refuse to make good her marriage contract with him. The director and the leading man are still very much in love with her and she is greatly attached to both but favors the director.

The tangle is solved when in filming some storm scenes an accidental fire, involving a circus tent, brings panic and disaster to the large company of players. The villianous husband is killed trying to save Remember from being killed by a wind machine he had started in hope of "getting" Claymore. His death leaves "Mem", as she is called, free to accept the love of Claymore or the leading man. Remember becomes the wife of the director.

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