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Window Card

Swedish One Sheet
Released: 1929
9 Reels

Directed by
Victor Schertzinger

Written by
Elizabeth Pickett

Cast (in credits order)
Wing Foot .... Richard Dix
Corn Blossom .... Gladys Belmont
Judy .... Jane Novak
John Walton .... Larry Steers
Navajo Jim .... Tully Marshall
Chahi .... Bernard Seigel
Chief Notani .... George Regas
Yina .... Augustina Lopez
Pueblo Jim .... Noble Johnson
Commissioner .... Joseph W. Girard
Barrett .... Jack Duane
Anderson .... Andrew J. Calahan
Wing Foot (age 9) .... Philip Anderson
Corn Blossom (age 6).... Loraine Rivero
Navajo Jim (age 15) .... George Walker

Director of Photography
Edward Cronjager

Color by

Lobby Title Card

With George Regas


Wing Foot, son of a Navajo Indian chief, returns to his tribe after his graduation from college. Unable to accept ancient superstitions and customs of the Indian, he finds himself an outcast among his people but he strives to conform outwardly and wins back some of their favor. When the old tribal medicine man dies and Wing Foot refuses to take his place, however, he is driven from the tribe.

During his school days and college years, he has fallen in love with Corn Blossom, a girl from another tribe, the traditional enemy of the Navajos. Wing Foot goes to find her and she is overjoyed when Wing Foot steals into the village to her. He finds that her father is trying to force her to marry a member of his tribe.

Before Wing Foot can take her away, he is discovered and has to flee. He wanders into the desert where, without water, his pony dead and near death, he has a vision of his mother which leads him to Forgotten Valley. There he finds water and -- oil. His discovery just precedes the arrival of two white oil prospectors and they race Wing Foot to the nearest telegraph station to file the claim.

Meanwhile Corn Blossom has escaped and, pursued by her tribe, she heads for the Navajo reservation and Wing Foot. Wing Foot beats his competitors to the telegraph station, places his claim and returns to tell his people of their good fortune. He arrives at the village just as Corn Blossom's pursuers close in.

Wing Foot averts the threatening battle by telling the Indians of his oil discovery which will make them all rich. His oratory makes peace between the tribes and he claims corn blossom as his own.

with Gladys Belmont

A Glass Slide from Redskin

This 1929 Paramount slide, advertising REDSKIN, illustrates that the same slide could be colored in different shades. Notice the not so subtle difference in Dix's face. The coloring on the left slide gives him a stronger, more natural look. While the slide on the right offers a more distinct view of the two lovers.

Coloring, condition and the title of the film all determine the value of a glass slide. Western and Native American titles are always highly sought after. Particularly Zane Grey. The slide on the right is missing the cardboard, has scratches and fading. It sold for 17.60 at auction. Without the pristine example on the left for comparison, someone might very well consider it a true rarity!

(Though REDSKIN was shot in Technicolor I'm not sure if any color photographs exist.
The keybook stills used herein remain a great way to have a peak at this rarely screened classic!)

A Little About Redskin From The Paramount Press Book

Picture Adds to Screen History

Photoplay edition tie-in
A new chapter has been written in the history of the motion picture. A new wonder has been revealed. "Redskin," the new Richard Dix epic of the West, marks an amazingly wonderful step forward.

Beautiful scenic backgrounds are revealed in all their true color and beauty. The hills and valleys of the Indian country are reproduced for the screen just as the eye sees them in nature. And the powerfully gripping story, true to Indian traditions and customs, unfolds in this native setting.

A master cast enacts this drama. Richard Dix, who made such a remendous success of his picturization of "The Vanishing American," turns his thoughts to the serious drama again and records a new masterpiece worth of place with his previous enduring epic.

The power and majesty of music and the cleverly reproduced sound effects increase the realism of the picture. Here, indeed, Sound can be measured for its true worth and the whole combination of color, Sound and story makes an emotion-stirring picture which will not soon be forgotten.


US Sheet Music

UK Sheet Music

"Redskin," filmed in natural color, brings to the screen all the wonders of the majestic Canyon de Chelly, near the Navajo reservation in Arizona. Here nature has gone riot, giving the lands all the colors of the rainbow and the sunset, vast distance, tremendous cliffs, long broad sweeps of tumultuous rocks, sands and verdures.

The Enchanted Mesa. The picturesque homes of the Indians who live in their adobe houses, high up on their fortified mesa, living now, as they did centuries ago.

Imagine the color of a Navajo chief's blanket.

"Redskin" has sweep of movement beyond description; a tragic and dramatic theme of thought-provoking, soul-stirring, heart-rending power.

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