The Mark Of The Whistler
Released: October 9, 1944
60 Minutes

Directed by
William Castle

Screenplay by
George Bricker

Story by
Cornell Woolrich

Richard Dix .... Lee Selfridge Nugent
Janis Carter .... Patricia Henley
John Calvert .... Eddie Donnelly
Paul Guilfoyle .... 'Limpy' Smith
Matt Willis .... Perry Donnelly
Porter Hall .... Joe Sorsby
Howard Freeman .... M.K. Simmons
Willie Best .... Men's Room Attendant

Suggested by the
Columbia Broadcasting System Program
"The Whistler"

Director of Photography
George Meehan

Produced by
Rudolph C. Flothow

One Sheet

Title Lobby Card
The Mark Of
The Whistler
(Working Title: Dormant Account)

Down and out drifter Richard Dix, picks up a newspaper from a park garbage can and sees another person, whose name, with the exception of a middle initial, is identical with his, is being sought by a bank as owner of dormant account in ecxess of $100.

"The guy they're looking for is me.
Now, won't you help me?"
Deciding to undertake a deception to gain possession of the money. He painstakingly traces the life of the party named in the advertisment and, after memorizing all details gleaned from inquiry and reading newspaper articles, he applies for and gains possession of the unclaimed $29,000 in the dormant account. Porter Hall, owner of a second-hand clothing establishment, finances him to the extent of clothing and lodging while Dix attempts to establish a false claim for the money.

When the bank decides to honor the claim, Dix learns the amount in trust is almost $30,000. As he leaves the bank, after collecting the funds, he is besieged by girl reporter, Janis Carter, in search of a rags-to-riches human interest yarn. Dix brushes her off and in an effort to dodge photographers inadvertently upsets the tray of the rightful owner, Paul Guilfoyle, a match peddler. He tips the latter liberally for the damage.

After registering at the most swank hotel in town and being properly outfitted by an exclusive tailoring establishment, Dix takes in the top night spot in town, meeting up again with Janis Carter.

$30,000 in cash leads to a
screenful of thrills and excitment!
"Don't be frightened. We just
want your picture for the paper!"
John Calvert, whom Dix thinks to be a detective, trails him to the place. Making quick excuses to Janis Carter, Dix escapes. When he is almost back at his hotel, Guilfoyle turns up and warns him two men are waiting there for him. Guilfoyle knows all the time that Dix is a fraud. He's been afraid to process the claim himself since the two brothers, John Calvert and Matt Willis, had sworn to kill the person who took possession of the money. They'd know this would be the child of the business partner who had betrayed their father, causing him to go to prison unjustly where his memory had given way.

Dix sends the peddler to get the money from his room and meet him at the bus terminal. Guilfoyle follows Dix's instructions, but is tailed by Calvert and Matt Willis.

Posing as a detective Calvert picks up Dix on a murder charge but then takes him to his home. Calvert and Willis show Dix their catatonic father and detail the reasons for his abducton. Dix can't convince them of his real identity.

A police badge strikes fear
into the fugitive's heart!
The pay-off takes place
in a cozy mountain hide-out!
Back in the car Calvert tells him they intend to kill him in revenge for their father's mental collapse but first they intend to drive him mad. Driving down the wrong road there is an accident and Dix escapes.

Dix seeks refuge with Guilfoyle where he learns that Guilfoyle is the true heir and the man that Calvert and Willis are really after. While attempting to break into Gulfoyle's apartment, in an effort to get at Dix, Calvert and Willis are nabbed in a gunfight with the police.

Recovering from his wounds in the hospital, with Janis Carter at his side, Dix is forgiven by Paul Guilfoyle for the theft. Guilfoyle then promises Dix a job in a new business he's going to call, Nugent and Nugent, that is, after Dix serves his prison sentence. Seems the bank insists on sending him up even though Guilfoyle doesn't want to prosecute.
"Next time, we'll shoot to kill!
Come on with us!"
Terror takes on a new meaning when
the Whistler enters the scene!

Note the US Three Sheet
sites "Radio's" mystery master...
While this Australian Daybill sites "The Screen's"
mystery master!
Uk Trade AD

Note the differences between the two Half Sheets.

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