Eyes Of The Underworld
Released: January 8, 1943
61 Minutes

Directed by
Roy William Neill

Screenplay by
Michael L. Simmons
Arthur Strawn

Based on an Original Story by
Maxwell Shane

Richard Bryan .... Richard Dix
Betty Standing .... Wendy Barrie
Benny .... Lon Chaney
J. C. Thomas .... Lloyd Corrigan
Edward Jason .... Don Porter
Mickey Bryan .... Billy Lee
Lance Merlin .... Edward Pawley
Gordon Finch .... Marc Lawrence
Kirby .... Joseph Crehan
Sergt. Clancy .... Wade Boteler
Hub Gelsey .... Gaylord Pendleton
District Attorney .... Mike Raffetto

George Robinson

Gowns by
Vera West

One Sheet

Title Lobby Card
Eyes Of The Underworld
Kirby (Joe Crehan), assistant police chief, charged with the task of smashing an auto theft gang, has failed, so Chief Bryan (Richard Dix) himself assumes command.

Bryan's dragnet has bagged Finch (Marc Lawrence), three-times "loser." Finch refuses to talk with anyone but Bryan. Alone with the chief, he informs him that he will reveal his (Bryan's) own secret prison record unless he is permitted to escape.

Bryan defies Finch, and has him locked up. Finch gets away, however, after killing a jailer and revealing that Bryan is a former felon.

Bryan, a widower and father of ten-year-old Mickey (Billy Lee), has just tossed a birthday party for the boy with the aid of Betty (Wendy Barrie), the chief's attractive secretary, with whom Bryan is in love. Arrested as he returns to headquarters, Bryan is later freed by loyal subordinates.

Bryan's chauffeur, Benny (Lon Chaney), kidnaps Merlin (Edward Pawley), one of the thieves, and wrings from him information as to the gang's hideout. Bryan and Benny crash a warehouse where Betty is being held prisoner.

In the gun battle that follows, Bryan is wounded, Finch is killed, and the rest of the thieves rounded up. Kirby is jailed as colleague of the car thieves. The hospitalized Bryan, now exonerated, wins Betty's promise to become his wife.

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