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The Director, Cast and Author as depicted in the US Herald
The Christian
Released: January 14, 1923

Directed by
Maurice Tourneur

Screenplay by
Paul Bern
Arthur Strawn

From the novel by
Sir Hall Caine

Richard Dix .... John Storm
Mae Busch .... Glory Quayle
Gareth Hughes .... Brother Paul
Phyllis Haver .... Polly Love
Cyril Chadwick .... Lord Robert Ure
Mahlon Hamilton .... Horatio Drake
Joseph J. Dowling .... Father Lampleigh
Claude Gillingwater .... Lord Storm
John Herdman .... Parson Quayle
Beryl Mercer .... Liza
Robert Bolder .... Reverend Golightly
Milla Davenport .... Matron
Alice Hesse .... Mary
Aileen Pringle .... Lady Robert Ure
Harry Northrup .... Faro King
Eric Mayne .... Doctor
William F. Moran .... Coroner

Charles Van Enger

One Sheet

Herald Center Fold
The London mob, whom he strove to convert to religion turned against their leader with fury at hs weakness. John Storm had to choose between devotion to religion and his passion for the famous stage beauty. This stirring scene was filmed in Trafalger Square, London
The Christian
"In the role of The Christian, Richard Dix gives a performance which lands him in the actors' hall of fame. It is a magnificent piece of work; it stands beside the finest impersonations ever flashed on the silversheet."
~ Moving Picture World

Richard Dix as John Storm leaving his wealthy family to become a priest!

John Storm and Glory Quayle. sweethearts since childhood on the Isle of Man, go to London. Glory to become a nurse and John a priest of the Church of England.

Polly Love, who peruaded Glory to go, is betrayed by Lord Robert, and dismissed from the hospital...

...while Horatio Drake discovers Glory's talent for acting and she becomes a star.

John, torn betwen his love for Glory and his ideals, enters a monastery...

... but love wins and he renounces his vows and founds a mission for the homeless and fallen.

He remonstrates with Glory, telling her her soul is in danger, but she still goes on with her career.

Polly comes to the mission, and dies with her child in her arms.

John arranges to have the baby adopted by Lady Robert Ure, and this starts Lord Robert on a plan of revenge on Storm.

Lord Robert buys the mission and prepares to drive out Storm, after the Derby.

Meanwhile, Lord Robert circulates stories that Storm has predicted the end of the world at midnight on Derby Day.

London is worked up to a high pitch of excitement by the prophecy.

He goes to the Derby and speaks to the crowd there, denying the stories without avail.

In a religious frenzy, Storm goes to Glory's rooms with the intention of killing her in order to save her soul.

She diverts him by showing that she loves him and he wanders out into the street, is pursued by the mob, and beaten and stoned.

Glory takes him to the mission and he dies after they have been wedded.

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