Australian Daybill
Released: December 28, 1925
6 Reels

Directed by
Gregory La Cava

Based on a story by
Arthur Stringer

Scenario by
Luther Reed

Art Direction by
Ernst Fegté

Director of Photography
Edward Cronjager

Bill Dana .... Richard Dix
Molly .... Esther Ralston
Aunt Abby .... Cora Williams
Owen .... Olive Tell
The Kid .... Eli Nadel
Uncle Les .... Edmund Breese
Lucille .... Margaret Morris
Butler .... Ivan Simpson
Pinky .... Edgar Nelson
Tammany Young .... Uncredited Bit Part

Window Card

Lobby Title Card

An edited version of WOMANHANDLED was last publicly screened, in Los Angeles, on May 4, 2001, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts as part of a tribute to Gregory La Cava.

A five minute section of the film's climax is lost from this print.

It is believed that a full print exists in the Library Of Congress.
Bill Dana, society idol jumps into a Central Park lake and rescues a little boy, winning the gratitude of the kid's beautiful cousin, Mollie. A strolling policeman comments that "if the lake were three feet deeper, you would have been a hero."

Mollie, who was born in the wild and woolly West, and lived there until she reached the age of six, asks Bill if he is a Westerner. He says he is and becomes enfatuated with Mollie as her little cousin torments him. Mollie explains how much she admires the rough and tumble Westerners. It doesn't help Bill's cause that she is reading "North of 36".

Later, at the Weschester Biltmore Polo Club, Bill is in a match and Mollie is disappointed to discover Bill is nothing more than one of those pampered petted womanhandled Eastern men she hates. He convinces her of his sincerity and goes West to his Uncle Lester's to become the kind of man she wants him to be.

He finds the West has changed and is throughly up-to-date in every way. The film companies have hired all the real cowboys! The ranch house has bath rooms and all the improvements, there is a tennis court for a band of tramps hired by Uncle Les to round up the herd. Instead of horses, flivvers are used in the cattle round-up. The cattle are really the only familiar things on the ranch.

Mollie wires she is coming out and Bill bribes the boys to to fake the necessary western atmosphere. Unfortunately none of these cowboys have ever been on a horse. The men have an awful time in rounding up enough horses even after scouring the country and a sorry lot of animals they prove to be. Their regalia has to be snitched from a museum and when they appear at the railroad station the train crew thinks a movie outfit is filming a serial. Oh, yes, the negro family on the ranch are disguised as indians to round out the atmosphere.

Mollie discovers the deception and forgives him until she misunderstands the appearance of a lot of girls on the scene and leaves in a huff. The cattle, unused to the horses, have stampeded. Mollie is right in their path when Bill rescues her everything is all right.

Glass Slide

Computer Colorized Still

Womanhandled Photo Gallery - Page One

I thought this gentleman, shown here visiting Richard Dix on the set of WOMANHANDLED, was Veteran Cowboy Star Harry Carey. One authority on silent film, I contacted, thought it to be Jim Thorpe while still another authority figured that it might be a visiting front office man or film booker. It seems to me that Dix is very comfortable in these photos making me believe he was somewhat familiar with this man.

If anyone can verify who this man is please contact the Webmaster at

The Cast and Crew enjoy a campfire with the mystery man, seated second from right.
Richard Dix, seated far right, is circled.

Richard Dix and the cowboys take a break from filming Womanhandled.

Tammany Young (1886-1936),
seen here attempting to shake Dix's hand,
is best remembered for torturing W.C. Fields,
with his dim-witted antics, in at least eight films.

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