"Give us Dix in a uniform!" urged the fans. Here he is as a dashing young officer who falls madly in love with his colonel's pretty wife. Daring drama! Warm romance! Action! with each turn of "the wheel of life".

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The Wheel Of Life
Released: 1929
6 Reels

Directed by
Victor Schertzinger

James Bernard Fagan

Author of Dialogue
Julian Johnson

John Farrow

Cast (in credits order)
Captain Leslie Yeullat .... Richard Dix
Ruth Dangan .... Esther Ralston
Colonel John Dangan .... O. P. Heggie
George Faraker .... Arthur Hoyt
Mrs. Faraker .... Myrtle Stedman
Major .... Larry Steers
Lieut. MacLaren .... Regis Toomey Tsering Lama .... Nigel de Brulier

Director of Photography
Edward Cronjager

Glass Slide

The Wheel Of Life

Richard Dix, a British officer, is spending his furlough in London from duty in India. While walking along the Thames he prevents a young woman, Esther Ralston, from drowning herself. He falls in love with her, but she disappears before he learns her identity.

Later, in India with his regiment, Dix meets the wife of O. P. Heggie, his commanding officer, for the first time. She is the girl he had saved from drowning.

Love is rekindled. Dix reasons that it would be impossible to prosecute his love affair under the circumstance, and gets himself transferred to another regiment. Heggie is in ignorance of their "affair".

"Ruth, dear, Jim has been like my own son.
I want you to like him -- as I do"

"There's nothing to tell me --
You're my colonel's wife -- That's all!"

Months later, Dix in charge of a lonely outpost in the Tibetan wilderness, receives an order to rescue a group of British travelers who are besieged in a Buddhist lamasery in the mountains. He leads his soldiers to the rescue.

Fierce fighting almost halts their progress but the soldiers finally reach the monastery. Dix finds Esther and a party of her tourist friends trying to defend the building. As the battle wages Dix and Esther pledge their love, but they have little hope of escaping alive. They rather expect to die on the spot, in each other's arms.

Death seems inevitable when Heggie arrives with reinforcements and saves the day. The lovers see their grimly-framed romance ended when a stray bullet from a native enemy's gun strikes Heggie and kills him.

"When two people love as we do, words don't matter."

Thus does a circumstance of war clear the way for love.

A Couple Of Fun Facts from The Wheel Of Life:
  • O.P. Heggie is best remembered for playing the blind man in The Bride Of Frankenstein!
  • 18 years later Regis Toomey co-starred in Richard Dix's last film The 13th Hour!

    "Victor Schertzinger, composer of "Just a Little Love Song", "Marcheta" and many others, is also Victor Schertzinger, Paramount talking picture director. He is now directing Richard Dix in "The Wheel Of Life" at the Hollywood Studios.

    NOTE: Esther Ralston in the background speaking with an unidentified man!

    "Ruth, will you face it with me?"

    "I could feel all the time that you loved me."

    "I want to live, to love you!"

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