"Oh Doctor, do you really think it's serious?"

"No indeed, young lady. There's not a serious moment in the entire production.
It's an All-Laughing, All-Loving, All-Talking smash-hit based on a famous stage success -- it's a great tonic for the funny bone - it's --

A Paramount Picture

US Insert
The Love Doctor
Released: 1929
6 Reels

Directed by
Melville Brown

Written by
Winchell Smith
Victor Mapes

Adaptation by
Guy Bolton
J. Walter Ruben

Dialogue By
Guy Bolton

Cast (in credits order)
Dr. Gerald Sumner .... Richard Dix
Virginia Moore .... June Collyer
Bud Woodbridge .... Morgan Farley
Grace Tyler .... Miriam Seegar
Mrs. Woodbridge .... Winifred Harris
Preston DeWitt .... Lawford Davidson
Lucy .... Gale Henry

Director of Photography
Edward Cronjager

US Window Card
Courtesy Of Scott Schutte

Glass Slide
Note the thermometer popping!

The Love Doctor

Dr. Gerald Sumner, (Richard Dix), a young doctor, is determined that marriage shall not hinder his career. He has deftly avoided all attempts to get him to the alter, yet even now two girls are in love with him. One is Virginia Moore, (June Collyer), an impoverished society girl he has hired in his office nurse. The other is Grace Tyler, (Miriam Seegar), a fickle little debutante.

Sumner has had his office two weeks when his first patient Bud Woodbridge, (Morgan Farley), is brought in by his mother, Mrs. Woodbridge, (Winifred Harris), suffering from an ailment that other doctors have been unable to diagnose. Sumner stumbles on the fact that Bud is madly, even hysterically in love with Grace Tyler. She, after promising to marry him has flirted on to new conquests.

The great Dr. Sumner prescribes - a rest in the country and daily inoculations of water,, administered by nurse, Virginia, whom he sends with Bud. Virginia believes this will make Gerald's heart grow warmer, and it does. Soon he is spending his week ends in the country, supposedly visiting his patient. Grace follows him on one of these trips and complications follow.

Gerald and Virginia are canoeing when he tells her that Grace has followed him. She tips the canoe over, Gerald saves her and they take shelter from a storm in Bud's fishing shack. Grace and a friend find them here, drying out after their unwelcome dip.

Convinced at last that he is in love, Gerald puts off the decision as long as possible and prepares to go back to the city. Grace fakes a sudden illness and he goes to treat her. Bud comes in and in a fit of jealous rage insists that Grace and Gerald marry at once.

Gerald, his back to the wall, telephones the announcement of his engagement to the newspapers, after carefully cutting the telephone wire. He then announces that he has accepted the position of house doctor at an insane asylum. Grace refuses to marry him and rushing to marry Bud, insists that he marry her. Gerald finally squares things with Virginia and everyone is happy.

"Le Docteur Amour"

You just never know what's going to turn up from around the world!

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