US Style 'A' One Sheet
depicting Betty Compson
with John Bowers
The Bonded Woman
Released: August 21, 1922
6 Reels

Directed by
Philip Rosen

Scenario by
Albert S. Le Vino

Adapted from John Fleming Wilson's story
"The Saving of John Somers"

Cast (in credits order)
Angela Gaskell .... Betty Compson
John Somers .... John Bowers
Lee Marvin .... Richard Dix
Captain Gaskell .... J. Farrell MacDonald
Lucita .... Ethel Wales

Director of Photography
James C. Van Trees

US Style 'B' One Sheet
depicting RICHARD DIX
with Betty Compson

Lobby Title Card

"Please give John that Job!"
The Bonded Woman

Angela Gaskell's father is captain on board the S. S. Comet. While Angela is awaiting his return she receives news that his ship is gone down. A few hours later John Somers, first mate, brings her father in badly injured.

Lee Marvin, wealthy shipowner, is in love with Angela. During her father's illness Angela is forced to seek employment, and asks Marvin to permit her to work in his office. Marvin continues to press his suit, but finds that Angela has lost her heart to the man she is indebted for saving her father's life.
"Where is the ship's money, John?"
"Won't you come away from this?"

Somers' weakness is drinking and Angela tries to exert a good influence over him. Before leaving on a new voyage he promises to reform. Later a chance comes for Somers to become Captain and Angela asks Marvin to give him a tryout.

At first jealousy causes Marvin to refuse the request, but he agrees to accept Somers if he can put up bond. Angela and her father feel that it is their chance to repay Somers for his act and mortgage their place to get his bond.

Somers takes command of the ship in Australia and brings her safely into port. On the vessel's return a large sum of money is stolen from the safe and suspicion rests on Somers who is unable to explain the loss. He is discharged and Marvin, with new hopes of winning Angela, refuses to cash the bond.

"I'll pay you back every cent I owe you!"

"A ship, I'll hail it!"
Angela traces Somers to the South Sea Islands and follows him there, where she finds he as fallen back into his old habits. He refuses to have anything to do with her.

He has managed to find a small vessel, and Angela demands this in payment of his obligation and also forces him to take orders from her aboard. She is unable to convince him of her love. While Somers is drinking below, Angela heads the boat the rocks, where it is wrecked. The two take refuge on an island where Somers soon reforms. Then Angela declares her love.

A sailor confesses to the theft of which Somers was accused and Marvin rescues the couple. Somers becomes master of the ship without bondage and his wedding with Angela follows.
"I can't marry him, father - I love John!"

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