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New Faces On The Screen!

The Prettiest girls and handsomest youths in America -- all new faces! -- in a sparkling comedy cocktail of joyous, dancing, romancing entertainment. A fashion display of gowns - a carnival of sports. A swift, moving love story of an entirely new type!

Fascinating Youth
Released:March 17, 1926
7 Reels

Directed by
Sam Wood

Writing credits
Byron Morgan (story)
Paul Schofield

Cast (in credits order)
Charles 'Buddy' Rogers .... Teddy Ward
Ivy Harris .... Jeanne King
Jack Luden .... Ross Page
Roland Drew .... Randy Furness (as Walter Goss)
Claude Buchanan .... Bobby Stearns
Mona Palma .... Dotty Sinclair
Thelma Todd .... Lorraine Lane
Josephine Dunn .... Loris Lane
Thelda Kenvin .... Betty Kent
Jeanne Morgan .... Mae Oliver
Dorothy Nourse .... Mary Arnold
Irving Hartley .... Johnnie
Gregory Blackton .... Frederick Maine
Robert Andrews .... Duke Slade
Charles Brokaw .... Gregory
Iris Gray .... Sally Lee
Ralph Lewis .... John Ward
Joseph Burke .... Ward's Secretary
James Bradbury Sr. .... The Professor
Harry Sweet .... The Sheriff
William Black .... Deputy Sheriff
Richard Dix .... Guest
Adolphe Menjou .... Guest
Clara Bow .... Guest
Lois Wilson .... Guest
Percy Marmont .... Guest
Chester Conklin .... Guest
Thomas Meighan .... Guest
Lila Lee .... Guest
Lewis Milestone .... Guest
Malcolm St. Clair .... Guest

Cinematography by
Leo Tover

Of "The Junior Stars of 1926" only
two would go on to bigger careers.

Charles "Buddy" Rogers made his mark a year later starring in WINGS,
the first motion picture to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

He would go on to marry "America's Sweetheart", Mary Pickford.

Thelma Todd made 115 films in a scant 9 years acting in all kinds of pictures.
She was a gifted comedian, working with
Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers and
made a series of shorts with Patsy Kelly.

Todd starred with Richard Dix in The Gay Defender.

Mysterious circumstances surrounded her death in 1935.

Richard Dix, (right) lent his stature as a major Paramount star by doing a cameo to help The Junior Stars of 1926.

16 talented young actors were selected from 40,000 applicants for admission to the Paramount Picture School. By the time of their debut in Fascinating Youth they were heralded in a tremendous publicity campaign that had been in progress for months.


Teddy Ward, wealthy society idler, falls in love with Jeanne King, a Greenwich Village sketch artist. Father has set his heart on Teddy's marrying Loris Lane, a society girl.

"Make good on a job I'll give you and marry anyone you like. Fail-- and Loris will stand by your side at the alter," is the older Ward's final ultimatum. Teddy accepts the challange and is given the managership of Mountain Inn, a winter resort that has always failed to make money.

Youthful Pepsters

With the help of his Greenwich Village friends, a whirlwind advertising campaign is begun. It's main feature is an offer of $10,000 to the winner of a 100-mile ice boat race, which is to be a part of elaborate ice carnival Teddy has decided to stage.

But father, on hearing of the prize offer -- refuses to sanction the advertising and also stops payment on the check. In desperation, Teddy hits upon the idea of inviting a group of movie stars to the big event. He prepares his newspaper publicity and then goes to New York with Ross Page and Loris.

Behind the Screen

Arrived at the studio, the stars all plead previous engagements. However, through Loris' scheming, the publicity story gets to the papers.

The "big" night finds the hotel crowded with guests all eager to meet the players. Teddy is frantic, realizing that when the truth comes out, he'll be ruined. His friends try to help him by dressing as stars. But -- Jeanne, who has been doing some sketching at the studio -- arrives with half a dozen famous stars. The evening is a succes.

The Race!

The worthless check isn't worrying Teddy. Randy Furness has promised to win the race and then refuse the prize. At the last minute, "Duke" Slade, world's champion racer, arrives. The sheriff warns Teddy that non-payment means jail.

Furness, in fear of Slade, deserts his boat. Teddy takes his place, and in a race of nerve-tingling thrills, manages to win by a matter of inches. His father, who had arrived while the contest was in progress, forgives him and admits that Jeanne won his heart as well as Teddy's.

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