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Moving Picture World was one of the "bibles" of the trade.

It gave showman the low-down on which pictures were coming out, which ones were doing well at the box office and generally how to promote films in the best possible way.

Shown here is the July 7, 1923 cover ad for the upcoming "Woman With Four Faces" with Betty Compson and Richard Dix.

"A romance of hair-trigger thrills, featuring two favorites. Something really big and brand new with which to break summer records."

Always with an eye on breaking box office records... I guess some things haven't changed in 80 years!

The Woman
With Four Faces
Released: 1923
Six Reels

Directed by
Herbert Brenon

Elizabeth West .... Betty Compson
Richard Templer .... Richard Dix
Judge Wescott .... George Fawcett
Jim Hartigan .... Theodore Von Eltz
Judson Osgood .... Joseph Kilgour
Silas Martin .... J. Farrell MacDonald
Warden Cassidy .... Guy Oliver
Ralph Dobson .... C. A. Stevenson

Based on a story by
Bayard Veiller

Adapted by
George Hopkins

Photographed by
Jimmie [James Wong] Howe

Note the handcuffs in Betty Compson's hands!

The Woman
With Four Faces

Elizabeth West, a professional crook, is caught after a hotel robbery. However, in a battle with wits, she is released. The judge claims she has a million dollar mind.

Richard Templer, the district attorney, resigns after his failure to convict her and also because the judge refuses to give him aid in securing a document, revealing a conspiracy to smuggle drugs in bags of rice, that will round up the gang of dope peddlers.

Templar then goes to Betty and enlists her aid in securing the paper. At first she is skeptical but he finally convinces her by explaining the ill effects of the drugs on its users and of the great thing she will be doing for humanity if she accepts. By means of an aeroplane they succeed in kidnapping Jim Hartigan, the only man who can open the safe, but Hartigan refuses to aid.

After making the preparations they finally enter Judson Osgood's home where the paper is concealed. Elizabeth decides to use her woman's wit to make Osgood himself remove the paper. They succeed in getting it, but before they can make their escape they are caught in a tussel. Elizabeth gets possession of a gun and forces them all to bend at her will. Osgood is taken to prison and and an end is put to the drug traffic.

Templar has fallen in love with Betty and asks her to be his wife -- and she accepts.

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