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WAM! Dix scores again! 'Warming Up' is a real 'big-leaguer' with Dix as a rookie pitcher who is followed by a jinx and who finally "strikes it out."

Richard Dix got a professional assist
for his role as a big league ball player.
The cast of Warming Up included former players Mike Donlin of the New York Giants, Chet Thomas, Bob Murray, Truck Hannah and "Wally" Hood.

Warming Up was the first picture from Paramount to be produced with sound effects!
Warming Up
Released: August 4, 1928
8 Reels

Directed by
Fred Newmayer

Written by
Ray Harris
Sam Minz (story)

Richard Dix .... Bert Tulliver
Jean Arthur .... Mary Post
Claude King .... Mr. Post
Philo McCollough .... McRae
Wade Boteler .... Doyle
Billy Kent Schaefer .... Edsel
Roscoe Karns .... Hippo
James Dugan .... Brill
Mike Donlon .... The Veteran

Cinematography by
Edward Cronjager

Glass Slide

Warming Up
Bert Tulliver, the hero of the Eureka Bearcats, crashes into the ballpark, where the Green Sox are at spring training, and succeeds in incurring the mischievious enmity of McRae, the famous "home-run king" whom the Green Sox have secured, through a shady contract, from the rival team, the Pawnees. He is thrown out of the park and, while amusing himself at a board-walk concession, he succeeds in meeting Mary, daughter of Post, the owner of the Green Sox, through the annoying playfulness of her little nephew.

Tulliver secures a job as a demonstrator at the concession and attracts the attention of Post, who tells him to report for practice with the Green Sox. Meanwhile, Tulliver, has developed his acquaintanceship with Mary, whom he knows as "Miss Zilch," the child's governess, and agrees to visit her in the kitchen of the Post home. He is unaware that McRae is seriously interested in Mary.

At the baseball park, McRae takes every opportunity to discredit Tulliver and convinces the small-town pitcher that McRae is his jinx. McRae warns Tulliver to keep away from Mary.

....McRae's contract is declared invalid and he is returned to the Pawnees and Tulliver is forced to face him in the World Series. Convinced that McRae is his jinx, Tulliver walks him and is retired to the bench in disgrace. Tulliver hears that Mary is in town and he visits her in the kitchen of her home, still under the impression that she is the governess. After Bert's defeat on the diamond, McRae calls on Mary and Tulliver witnesses a scene between them which leads him to believe that Mary is in love with McRae. Efforts of Mary to get in touch with him are ignored by Tulliver and the World Series moves into its closing game. The games are tied and the Green Sox pitcher is worn out.

Bert is sent into the game as a last resort but he starts to go all to pieces until Mary, from the grandstand, signals to him that she loves him. He takes new courage, strikes two batters out and, facing McRae, wins the game for the Green Sox by striking out the "home-run king."

At a celebration at the Post home, Bert meets Mary for the first time as the daughter of the owner of the Green Sox.

THE RICHARD DIX WEBSITE sincerely thanks visitor David Kearns,
who graciously sent along this jpeg of a truly rare Richard Dix autographed photo.

Dave's grandfather, Wilbert 'Pete' Peters, played for the minor league Los Angeles Angels.
He is the player, highlighted on the far right, shown with other Angels who were extras on the set of WARMING UP.

Dix wrote, To Pete - "Knock 'em dead" Best Wishes, Richard Dix
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