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Selling "Sporting Goods" is a nice, quiet occupation for Dix - but when he is mistaken for a millionaire and has to live up to it - that's the basis for great comedy and fun.

Richard Dix gets into the swing
of things with Mary Brian.

Glass Slide
Sporting Goods
Released: February 11, 1928
6 Reels

Directed by
Clarence G. Badger

Writing credits
Ray Harris
Louise Long
George Marion Jr. (titles)
Sam Mintz
Byron Morgan (story)

Richard Dix .... Tom Roberts
Mary Brian .... Alice Stoddard
Philip Strange .... Randall Lewis
Charles Hill Mailes .... Judson Stoddard
Oscar Smith .... Ptomaine
George Irving .... James Martin
Charles Clary .... Albert Rollins
Charles Schaeffer .... Reverend Guthrie

Produced by
B.P. Schulberg (associate producer)

Cinematography by
Edward Cronjager

Sporting Goods
Dix is traveling cross-country in a battered roadster bound for Los Angeles. There he hopes to land a big order for a trick kind of golf suit he has invented.

He Falls In Love

In the desert, he ruins his car helping a millionaire head East, and, since the desert travel is pretty rough anyway, the millionaire continues East on the train. Dix is to take his Rolls-Royce back to Pasadena.

A little further on, he meets Gertrude Olmstead and her mother, also going West. Their car is broken down, so Dix gives them a lift. He falls for the girl at once. She likes him, too, and when he drops them at Riverside she wires ahead to Pasadena for reservations for him at the exclusive hotel where she lives. She thinks he's a millionaire and he likes her so well he doesn't tell the truth.

Throws A Bluff

When he arrives at Pasadena, he is installed at the most expensive suite in the hotel. He hasn't a dime, but keeps up the deception getting into deeper and deeper complications when the girl arrives. He hopes to get out by selling a big order of golf suits to Ford Sterling, the merchant, but before he can close the deal, the hotel management and Philip Strange, who loves the girl, have begun to suspect him. Dix has a terrible time on the links, when the girl and Strange arrive just as he is demonstrating the suit to Sterling. Philip Strange tries to trap him later, and in a crooked poker game, almost succeeds.

Lands The Order

The demonstration results in a big order, and everything looks rosy when complications pile up again. The hotel demands payment. Sterling cancels his order because a sample suit has stretched. And the millionaire returns to find his room robbed of several suits.

Wins The Girl

Dix has been wearing the clothes, and when he hears he is suspected of the robbery, he tries to sneak out of the hotel. Just when the whole gang are chasing him, Sterling comes in with a huge order, having heard the new suits are all the rage in the East. Dix is finally caught and the millionaire turns out to be a director in the golf suit company. He makes Dix sales manager with a salary big enough for him to marry the girl.

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