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A rare production still showing Dix and Daniels working on SINNERS IN PARADISE!

Suddenly a great wave of understanding broke over him, rendering him for a moment breathless, blinded, bewildered... Then instinctively, he raised his arms. With a little inarticulate cry the girl allowed him to hold her, trembling in her capitulation, clinging to him, submitting, without resistance, to the storm at last set free. His kisses, his arms crushed her well-nigh breathless; she was carried away by the tide of his ardor, responsive, glorying...

Barbara had crossed her Rubicon for all time. .... Presently he sat down upon the rocks, still holding her to him.

"You--came to tell me?" he whispered, his face close to hers, his eyes piercing to her very soul.

"Yes," she whispered back... ....After a time she raised herself, still in his arms.

"Alan," I--couldn't tell you before: until I felt convinced that all--was right. You understand; don't you? It was because I loved you so, dear, not--fear, or coldness--

.... "I understand," he murmured, laying his cheek against hers. "I always understood. When, Barbara?"

.... Her head fell back upon his breast; with a little throbbing sigh, she renounced her will to his.

.... "Whenever--you like, Alan."

.... "At dawn?" he whispered. It will soon be here. When the sun rises over the water it shall witness our-- marriage?"
.................................. ---from "Sinners In Heaven"

One Sheet

Sinners In Heaven
Released: 1924
7 Reels

Directed by
Alan Crosland

Based On the Novel By
Clive Arden

Scenario By
James A. Creelman Cast (in credits order)
Barbara Stockley .... Bebe Daniels
Alan Croft .... Richard Dix
Hugh Rochedale .... Holmes Herbert
Mrs. Madge Fields .... Florence Billings
Native Girl .... Betty Hilburn
Native Chief .... Montague Love
Mrs. Stockley .... Effie Shannon
Barbara's Aunt .... Maria Harris

Lobby Title Card

Sinners In Heaven
Barbara Stockley, raised in strict surroundings in a small English town, accepts the invitation of her friend, Mrs. Fields, to go with her and her brother, Alan Croft, on an aeroplane trip around the world to map out an aerial mail route for the British Government. While over a small island in the South Sea, the plane is wrecked and all are killed except Barbara and Alan.

Savages come on the island, but by means of a radio set Alan makes them believe they are gods. Rescuing a native girl, who becomes their slave, all goes well for a time.

First Barbara repulses Alan, but finally despairing of being rescued, they pronounce themselves husband and wife in the sight of God and marry each other according to the church ceremony.

A safety razor found in the wreckage explodes the idea that Alan is a god and the native girl, having been spurned by Alan, betrays them to the natives that they are indeed mortals. A searching plane finds them just as the savages attack. Alan is wounded by an arrow and left for dead. Barbara returns to England and when her story is told she is turned down by her family and friends as having sinned and not being really married.

Finally Hugh, her former fiance, makes a date with her and in his stead Alan appears and takes her in his arms. He was nursed back to health by the native girl and made his escape when a trading ship stopped at the island.


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