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"The beautiful emotional star", Frances Nelson,
starred in this "Moral Pantomime in 5 Acts"
One Of Many
5 Reels

Written and Directed by
William Christy Cabanne

Frances Nelson .... Shirley Bryson
Niles Welch .... Harold Templeton
Mary Mersch .... Emma Bryson (Shirley's Sister)
Coroline Harris .... Mrs. Bryson
Harold Entwhistle .... Wilfred Templeton (Nile's Father)
Richard Dix .... James Lowery, The Butler
Walter Worden .... Policeman
Adella Barker .... Landlady
Ernie Adams .... Bart Hamby

One Of Many

The home of Mrs. Bryson and her two daughters is happy except for the poverty that prevents the girls from sending their sick mother away to the mountains. Both help to support the household, but it is Shirley who feels the responsibility of her mother's approaching death and her worry is evident to all about her. She is employed in a manicure shop frequented by wealthy men and meets Wilfred Templeton, who invites her to dine with him. He questions her about her dejected air and she tells him of her mother's illness. This is Templeton's opportunity, and he asks her to make a bargain with him. He will giver her all the money she needs and in return she is to live with him in an apartment which he will establish for her.

Shirley refuses, but when her mother grows worse she yields and leads her mother and her sister to believe that she has married Templeton and Mrs. Bryson is happy.

When James Lowery, the butler in Shirley's new home, finds that she is not married to Templeton, he force his way into her boudoir when she is dressing. WIth the greatest difficulty Shirley repulses him. She informs Templeton and Lowery is discharged.

Everything runs smoothly until Shirley invites her sister to visit her. Emma wants to see this wonderfully generous husband. Shirley is unable to conceal her secret, and Emma wrings a confession from her. The news so preys upon Emma's mind that she is unable to keep it a secret from her mother. Stricken at her child's dishonor, Mrs. Bryson gives up her battle for life.

Shirley leaves Templeton and goes to work as a cabaret entertianer. Lowery again forces his attentions upon her. He openly insults her and a young man at a nearby table comes to her resuce. The man is Harold Templeton, Wilfred's son, who is the "black sheep" of the family, and is living away from home. The acquaintace finally ripens into real affection.

The young people are married, but their happiness is clouded by the girl's fear that her husband will discover the truth about her past life. The expected happens when Wilfred Templeton forgives his son and comes to call on him and his bride. Shirley and her husband's father are brought face to face, and their manner accuses them before either makes a confession.

Harold turns against his wife. Later, however, his better nature asserts itself, and he drives his father away. Realizing Shirley's mistake was made, not for her own sake but for her mother's, he forgives her and takes her into his arms.

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