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US Style 'A' One Sheet
Moran Of The Marines
Released: October 13, 1928
7 Reels

Directed by
Frank R. Strayer

Written by
Ray Harris
Agnes Brand Leahy
George Marion Jr. (titles)
Sam Mintz
Linton Wells (story)

Cast (in credits order)
Richard Dix .... Michael Moran
Ruth Elder .... Vivian Marshall
Roscoe Karns .... Swatty
Brooks Benedict .... Basil Worth
E.H. Calvert .... General Marshall
Duke Martin .... The Sergeant
Tetsu Komai .... Sun Yat
Jean Harlow .... Uncredited Bit Part

Lobby Title Card

With Duke Martin and Roscoe Karns

Moran of The Marines

.... If Michael Moran (Richard Dix) stays out of trouble until his uncle arrives in San Francisco, he is to get a job with his uncle's construction company in China. He doesn't. His uncle finds him in jail. He has gotten into a fight in a cafe protecting Vivian Marshall (Ruth Elder) from an annoying drunk. He manages to learn her name and that she is going to China. He doesn't find out that she is the daughter of a marine general.

.... Uncle Patrick disinherits Moran so he and his pal, "Swatty" (Roscoe Karns) enlist as marine privates. Moran, in civilian clothes, meets Vivian again at a dance. She thinks he is a wealthy railroad man on his way to China and he lets her think it.

.... In an attempt to get out of standing inspection, and being seen by Vivian, Moran and Swatty concoct a scheme to simulate a high fever by using plenty of hot water bottles. Their plan is foiled by the Sergeant (Duke Martin) and they attend the inspection. Vivian does indeed attend the inspection, with her father (Capt. E. H. Calvert), and sees Michael Moran for what he is, a marine recruit and a clumsy one at that.

.... For revenge, she has him assigned to orderly duty at her father's house. There Moran kisses her, and she likes it. The kissing is seen by Basil Worth (Brooks Benedict) a diplomatic corps attache, and by a captain. They charge Moran with attacking the general's daughter; he is courtmartialed and sentenced to three years of hard labor. Vivian can't save him because he pleads guilty, thinking she has turned him down. After the trial, however, she succeeds in getting the heavy sentence reduced to six months.

.... Orders come for the regiment to sail for China to round up a notorious group of bandits led by the evil Sun Yat (Tetsu Komai). Moran goes along under guard. Vivian goes too. She has an airplane and one day is flying outside Peking with Worth as a passenger. He gums up the controls forcing Vivian to land. They are immediately surrounded by the bandits. Worth escapes. Vivian is captured.

.... Moran is doing labor on a road with "Swatty" watching him. Seeing Worth running, they force the truth from him. Moran hastens to Vivian's aid while "Swatty" goes for marine help. Moran succeeds in getting Vivian to her plane, spins the propellor for her and forces her to fly to safety. Moran is captured. Vivian sights the marine detachment and guides them to the scene where Moran is held captive. The bandits are felled and Moran is quickly pardoned, reinstated by his uncle and triumphantly reunited with Vivian.

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German Tobacco Card

Roscoe Karns offers advice to a lovelorn Richard Dix.

A Little About Ruth Elder From The Paramount Press Book

Ruth Elder
The Miss America of the Air


"The public is well acquainted with the manner in which Miss Elder was brought to the fore. Winning a beauty contest on the same day Lindbergh essayed his epochal flight from New York to Paris, she harbored the ambition to be the first woman to make the same flight. Being an accomplished flyer herself, she enlisted the aid of Capt. George Haldeman to act as her co-pilot.

Securing financial backing, they purchased a Stinson-Detroiter monoplane, and after many test flights took off from Roosevelt Field, Long Island on October 11, 1927 at 5:04 P. M. for the trans-atlantic flight. A storm blew them southward off their course to a point 350 miles north-east of the Azores. Here the oil pressure failed and they forced to land on the open sea. Fortunately the tanker Barendrecht picked them up and they were saved from the fate of so many who have at-tempted trans-oceanic flights.

Followed a trip to Paris and return to the United States. Miss Elder entered vaudeville and while playing Los Angeles was given a screen test by Paramount. It proved so satisfactory that she was given a contract later in New York. Her assignment to play the feminine role opposite Richard Dix followed. "

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