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A Man Must Live
Released: 1925
7 Reels

Directed by
Paul Sloane

Writing credits
From A Story by I. A. R. Wylie

Scenario by
James Ashmore Creelman

Geoffrey Farnell .... Richard Dix
Margaret "Mops" Collins .... Jacqueline Logan
Job Hardcastle .... George Nash
Eleanor Ross-Fayne .... Edna Murphy
Clive Ross-Fayne .... Charles Beyer
Mrs. Jaynes .... Dorothy Walters
Cabaret Owner .... William Ricciardi
Tod Cragge .... Arthur Housman
Ross-Fayne .... Lucius Henderson
Mrs. Ross-Fayne .... Jane Jennings

Lobby Title Card

A Man Must Live
Before going to war Geoffrey Farnell falls in love with Eleanor Ross-Fayne, who unbeknowst to him is the sister of his comrade Clive. He thinks the latter is killed in action.

Returning from the war as a captain, and finding a soldier's welcome, (meaning no job and no cash!) Geoffrey Farnell while waiting the outcome of a $100,000 suit against a steel corporation is forced to take an uncongenial place on the staff of a scandal-hunting newspaper.

The editor, Hardcastle, gives Farnell warning that his stories lack the hectic pep his readers demand. He is sent to find a society divorcee who has sunk to the level of a cheap concert hall. He finds her begging the manager not to send her off to the hospital to die. Farnell is touched with pity and when she staggers to the street in her scanty stage costumes he takes her to his apartment.

Reporting failure to Hardcastle, he promises that he will turn up a real story if given one more chance. He finds his chance. His war-time buddy, Clive, shell shocked and devoid of recollection of his personality, is brought into court as a dope peddler. Believed to be dead and posthumously decorated for valor, it would make a sensation to identify this wreck as the lamented hero. When he goes to his buddy's house for details he finds Eleanor and realizes she is Clive's sister.

Farnell holds off with the story until he is forced to give it up to obtain the money that will keep his helpless charge, the cabaret singer, out of the hospital. Then, in a fit of remorse, he seeks to stop the publication of the story, but in vain. The editor agrees not to print the story but does so.

Farnell exacts his vengence against the editor for his lack of decency and faces arrest for his actions, the girl comes to denounce him, and the friendless waif lies dead in the next room, and by the irony of fate his suit is settled and he comes too late into the fortune that would have saved him from his shame. But the girl understands the editor is abashed and the happy ending comes at last.

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