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Please come to "Manhattan", my first picture as a Paramount star. It's a Big Party - thrills, fights, love and lots of other excitement.

Swedish One Sheet

Released: 1924
7 Reels

Directed by
R. H. Burnside

Writing credits
From A Story by I. A. R. Wylie

Scenario by
Paul Sloane and Frank W.Tuttle

Peter Minuit .... Richard Dix
Marys .... Jacqueline Logan
Spike .... Gregory Kelly
McGinnis .... George Seigmann
Joe Madden ....Gunboat Smith
Brimberton .... Oscar Figman
Mrs. Trapes .... Edna Mae Oliver
Housekeeper .... Alice Chapin

Glass Slide

Peter Minuit is the last descendant of the Peter Minuit, who bought Manhattan from the Indians. At present he is a rumhound and a social butterfly, with nothing to do except spend money. He tumbles out of bed fully clad in evening clothes with his shirt front decorated with postage stamps and a special delivery which shows how he was shipped home the night before. He is tired of it all, bored with life, he seeks romance and adventure.

The newspaper suggest Hell's Kitchen, where there is a gang feud going on, but when he hits the Kitchen, nothing seems amiss. Back home again, he sticks up a safe-cracker who has entered his home. The safe-cracker believes him one of his own kind. Peter makes a deal with the chap, Spike, who hides him in his home where Peter meets and falls in love with his sister Mary. Peter assumes the identity of Gentleman George, notorious safe cracker while rooming at Mrs. Trapes. Peter enjoys showing off his ventriloquist's skills to the tenement kids.

Bud McGinnis, the brutal head of a Hell's Kitchen gang, has all the youths of the neighborhood working for him on crooked deals in return for the protection he gives them. McGinnis wants to marry Mary as well and she agrees to save her brother and Peter. Peter takes her to his home and reveals his identity. McGinnis threatens to "get" him.

Mary goes back to McGinnis. Peter follows Mary back to McGinnises pool hall where there is a fierce fight. Peter takes on McGinnis and the whole gang. McGinnis is shot by one of his henchmen who has a grudge. The gang is arrested and Peter takes his future wife back home.

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