Three Sheet
Here I Am A Stranger
20th Century Fox
Released: September 29, 1939
82 Minutes

Directed by
Roy Del Ruth

Screenplay by
Milton Sperling and Sam Hellman

Based on an Original Story by
Gordon Malherbe Hillman

David .... Richard Greene
Duke Allen .... Richard Dix
Simpson Daniels .... Brenda Joyce
Professor Daniels .... Roland Young
Clara .... Gladys George
Lillian Bennett .... Katharine Aldridge
Sortwell .... Russell Gleason
James K. Paulding .... George Zucco
Lester Bennett .... Edward Norris
R. J. Bennett .... Henry Kolker
Digby .... Richard Bond
College Student .... Robert Shaw
College Student .... Robert Kellard
Managing Editor ..... Charles Wilson
Landlady .... Jan Duggan
Landlord .... Harry Hayden
Po Evans .... Minor Watson
Professor .... John Dilson

Director of Photography
Arthur Miller, A.S.C.

Darryl F. Zanuck
In Charge of Production

One Sheet

Title Lobby Card
Here I Am A Stranger
To assure the future of their little son, Clara makes a momentous decision. She gets a divorce from her husband, Duke Allen, a lovable but improvident newspaper man who loses job after job because of excessive drinking. Later Clara marries a wealthy attorney, James K. Paulding.

Eighteen years pass. The son, David, now a poised and handsome young man with all the advantages that station and money can provide, enters his father's, old university, Stafford College. Lester Bennett, son of Paulding's most influential client, takes David under his wing and introduces him to the school's most snobbish set. But Lester is continually being surprised at David's lack of discrimination in his outside friendships-his liking for Sortwell, for example, a country-bred student working his way through school. Since David is more or less engaged to his sister, Lillian, Lester is even more shocked at his interest in, Simpson, Professor Daniels' tomboy daughter.

David and Sortwell are invited to tea by Professor Daniels. In the course of conversation Professor Daniels remarks that David reminds him strangely of a college friend, Duke Allen, whose reputation as a scholar and athlete are still vividly remembered by the university.

David reveals that Duke Allen is his real father and. is so impressed by Daniels' stories about his father that he is determined to find him. He discovers him, drunk and jobless, in a Boston boarding house. His visit, however, jars Allen out of his apathy and he finds a good newspaper job.

Meanwhile the mutual attraction between Simpson and David is growing. Simpson persuades her father to give her the money for a new frock and a beauty treatment and to accompany her to a college prom. Simpson's transformation creates quite a sensation but she is snubbed by Lillian. David, realizing that he is falling in love with Simpson, tries to make amends for her bad manners but she is in no mood for romance and leaves.

Returning to the ballroom David finds Lester and his set having fun at Sortwell's expense.

Sortwell is far too simple to realise that they are trying to make him completely drunk which would probably result in his being sent down. David rescues him and tells him to go on home.

As Sortwell drives off Lester berates David for robbing them of their fun. With David in the car, Lester, much the worse for liquor drives away at a reckless speed. To David's dismay, he knocks down a pedestrian and refuses to stop.

Next day the papers report that Sortwell, following behind and still too befuddled to know what really happened, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Lester, who had previously run down and killed a boy while speeding and had been saved by his father's millions, goes completely to pieces. In abject fear, he begs David to keep silent.

His mind in a turmoil, David goes to Duke for advice. His sense of fair play refuses to let Sortwell take the blame for another's crime. Yet to do the right and just thing would completely alienate him from his mother and the world he has grown up into. It is a predicament that will affect his whole future.

David's solution to his conflict between two loyalties is thrillingly told in the stirring climax.
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