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Helene Chadwick promotional postcard.
The Glorious Fool
Released: 1922
Six Reels

Directed by
E. Mason Hopper

Jane Brown .... Helene Chadwick
Billy Grant .... Richard Dix
Miss Hart .... Vera Lewis
Head Nurse .... Kate Lester
Dummy .... Otto Hoffman
Jenks .... John Lince
Senior Interne .... Theodore Van Eltz
Mrs. Lindley Grant .... Lillian Langdon
Al .... George Cooper

Adapted from stories by Mary Roberts Rinehart.

Scenario by J. G. Hawks

The Glorious Fool

Billy Begs His Nurse to Marry Him Before He Dies
The Unwilling Bride Begins To Take An Interest
Billy Grant, young, wealthy man about town and hearty breaker of the Volstead Act, through the interference of relatives, is jilted by his society sweetheart because she fears he cannot stay sober. Billy determines to go to the dogs by a rapid route. He gets drunk, drives his auto into a motor truck and wakes up in a hospital. The doctor attending tells him he has no chance of recovery.

June Brings Happiness to Another Wife
Billy is anxious to prevent his relatives from falling heir to his property. He persuades his probationary nurse, Jane Brown, to wed him and inherit his money. She refuses his frantic plea at first, but eager to soothe his last request, yields and they are married. Billy wakes up and is on the road to recovery. He admits to Jane that he married her as revenge against his relatives. He really is in love with Jane, but determines to release her.

At her own request the head nurse sends Jane to work in the maternity ward. Billy starts out to find her, cruising from ward to ward in his wheel chair. His love-making is effective but he is sent back to bed. When convalescent, Billy decides to go home and free Jane.

Through Jane's efforts in the maternity ward, a new-born baby and its mother are reunited with the youngster's father. In looking for the man, however, Jane breaks a hospital rule and is threatened with expulsion for being out of bounds after hours. When Billy learns that she had gone to save the happiness of the young girl, he arises to his status as a husband, defends Jane, and at last obtains her promise to live with him as his wife.

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