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Half Sheet
"Too good for the gang, are you? We'll settle your case!"
Half Sheet
"Tommy ---Don't! It's the difference between happiness and prison."

Fools First
Associated First National
Released: 1922
6 Reels

Directed by
Marshall Neilan

Tommy Frazer .... Richard Dix
Ann Whittaker .... Claire Windsor
Denton Drew .... Claude Gillingwater
"Tony, The Wop" .... Raymond Griffith
Spud Miller .... George Slegmann
"Blondie" Clark .... Helen Lynch
"Spider" Webb .... George Drumgold

Suggested by the Story by
Hugh McNain Kahler

Co-photographed by
David Kesson and Karl Struss

"I can't go through with that haul now -
may be a year ago when I was with the gang -
but not now - something's changed me."

Fools First

"We'll play the game together."

"You might as well quit trying to go straight."

Tommy Frazer, brought up in the "gang" surroundings of Hell's Kitchen, is sentenced to a three year prison term for forgery. Upon his release he meets Ann Whittaker, clerk at a bank. Ann confides to him that she is not averse to making easy money. Together they plan to rob the bank in one years time.

Ann obtains references whereby Tommy gets a job at the bank. Denton Drew, the banker, has confidence in the two and trusts them implicitly. It seems the millionaire banker has an interest in criminology. An unusually heavy deposit is made. Tommy steals the money and meets Ann at the railway station. Then he suddenly decides he cannot go through with the plot and when he tells Ann he intends to take back the loot, she agrees with him. But the gang, headed by "Tony, The Wop", with whom he was formerly connected learn of the deposit having been made and when Tommy replaces it, they knock him out and make a getaway with the package. Tommy tells Ann what happened and they go to Drew's home to explain the situation.

It turns out the package contains only paper, Denton Drew, having caught on to their scheme, arranged the fake as a test for Tommy. When Tommy makes confession to Drew the latter is pleased that in the outcome Tommy proved himself worthy. Tommy is marked for promotion and wins Ann, whose mission all the time has been to help keep him on the straight and narrow.

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