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Most motion pictures end with a marriage. But here's one that begins with a marriage -- a marriage of just two such young people as started with their great adventure next door to you this summer.

Any wife will laugh a lot and cry a lot -- when she sees it. Husbands will come away from this picture with a deeper understanding of what their young wives have to cope with. Fathers and Mothers will chuckle and weep over it.

There are dangerous curves that every married couple must take. What are they? How can they be rounded without a crash? Perhaps you think you know.

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"Dangerous Curve Ahead" shows them to you cleverly, lightly, yet with a deep insight into human hearts.

Author and director have worked for one year on this picture. Together they evolved the many little touches that make it so amazingly life-like.

This picture lives. It is something refreshingly new to the screen.

Compare the artist's conception for this one sheet with the actual photo used on the half sheet below!
Dangerous Curve Ahead
Released: 1921
6 Reels

Directed by
E. Mason Hopper

Phoebe Mabee .... Helene Chadwick
Harley Jones .... Richard Dix
Anson Newton .... M. B. (Lefty) Flynn
Mr. Mabee .... James Neill
Mrs. Mabee .... Edythe Chapman
Mrs. Noxon .... Kate Lester

Story and Scenario By Rupert Hughes

Richard Dix and Helene Chadwick are pictured on this great half sheet.

"The First Baby"

Dangerous Curve Ahead

The belle of a small town, Phoebe Mabee, is engaged to Harley Jones, but finds that the wealthy city chap, Anson Newton, is also very attractive. She indulges in a flirtation with Anson which results in her breaking off with Harley. Harley has plenty of backbone, however, and in six months time they are reconciled and the pair are married. After their wedding Harley and Phoebe move to the city where Harley gets a new and better job.

Here the Newly-Weds bill and coo and peck at each other and find that wedded bliss has two sides to it. The fact that the wealthy Mr. Newton and his social prominent aunt from New York, Mrs. Noxon, stroll across Phoebe's path puts an occasional crimp in Harley's happiness, but everything is forgotten when he and his wife are bending over the cradle of their first born son.

Time slips along and another baby drops in on the Jones family. Harley is sent abroad by his firm and Phoebe with her two children goes for the summer to a watering place. Here again she meets Newton and the old romance it renewed between them. Harley returns earlier than expected and finds Phoebe about to keep a dinner appointment at Mrs. Noxon's home to which Newton has promised to escort her. She is bent on going, although her youngest child is ill and leaves the baby in care of Harley and a nurse. Harley is half crazy with apprehension for his child and indignation at his wife, and accuses her of going to the dinner in order to meet Newton. Phoebe denies this, but goes to the dinner.

At Mrs. Noxon's Phoebe tells her hostess both the children are well, but the older woman's reference to mothers who neglect their infants terrifies her. She breaks down and Phoebe, suddenly brought to her senses, rushes home. She arrives at a crucial moment, just in time to calm the delirious child by rocking the little tyke in her arms. There is peace once more in the Jones house when the child is pronounced out of danger. A reconciliation between husband and wife follows and they face a happy future together.

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