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All's Fair In Love
Released: 1921
Five Reels

Directed by
E. Mason Hopper

Natalie .... May Collins
Bobby Cameron .... Richard Dix
Vera .... Marcia Manon
Craigh Randolph ....Raymond Hatton
Rogers .... Stuart Holmes
Marshall .... Andrew Robinson

Adapted from the Play
By Thomas Buchanan

Scenario by Arthur F. Statter

Camerman .... John J. Mescall

All's Fair In Love

While playing golf, Natalie Marshall, daughter of an indulgent and wealthy father, sees and falls in love with Bobby Cameron and sets herself to win him. Natalie feigns an accident and falls in Bobby's arms at the right moment. Bobby, finding their affection is mutual, loses his heart to Natalie and the two are married.

Vera Maleczka, Natalie's rival, is a lady of vampire like tendencies. Having previously met Bobby in Paris and receiving from him an old Egyptian bracelet inscribed "From Bob To Vera." To Bobby the bracelet symbolized nothing more than friendship. Vera is determined to make trouble for the newly wedded pair.

Just as the newlyweds are about to start off on their honeymoon Vera creates a sensation by sending Natalie, as a gift, the Egyptian bracelet. The accompanying note arouses the young wife's jealousy, which is increased when she sees the inscription in the bracelet. In a fit of mad jealousy Natalie breaks off her relations with Bobby. She goes into hysterics, refuses to see her husband and makes matters truly miserable for her father. Bobby finds himself a husband without a wife.

A seperation follows, but Natalie repents and is horrified to think that Bobby may fall victim for the second time to Vera's vamping charms. In desperation she resolves to meet her rival on her own ground and adopt Vera's vamping methods to win him back. As a vamp Natalie is somewhat of an amateur, but she perseveres and after a series of complications she discovers that Bobby never loved Vera and is really fond of her. Naturally Natalie succeeds in regaining her husband and the two face a happy future together.

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